What is caliper? This refers to the diameter of the tree trunk, commonly referenced in landscape plans or municipal requirements. However, it's not very descriptive to the average joe, right? We think of caliper as roughly the following size:

2" (12-14' tall minimum)

2.5" (14-16' minimum, thicker, fuller branching)

3" (16-18' minimum, even bigger canopy than the others)

3.5"+ (18' and over, with a fuller tree canopy as the size increases)

We stand by the quality of our plant material and ensure that they are of good, healthy stock when sourced. If watered and tended according to our easy Plant Guide, your purchases should thrive for years.

However, should your tree or shrub decline within the first 60 days from purchase, contact Planted GVL and we'll replace it with the same size and variety of plant, for no charge - no questions asked.

For additional peace of mind, we also offer the option to extend your warranty to one year from the date of installation. This extension can only be purchase prior to installation and cannot be purchased subsequently.

Planted GVL's warranty shall in no instance exceed the cost of replacement and will in no instance result in a refund of purchase price.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our warranty, please reach out via phone at (864) 714-1117 or drop us a line at hello@plantedgvl.com.